The D2D Case

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There are various lessons that we can learn from D2D. D2D has a strong commitment to quality and perfection, and this commitment can be seen in all stages and aspects of their performance from the way they implement to their projects, to projects appraisal, and continuous project monitoring and assessment. The D2D case reminds me of studies that have been done on business success, showing the immeasurable value of statistics to the company... D2D ascertains that all its processes are understood, controlled, and measured in or for the company to be successful. To start with, each and every one of their employees is trained in all aspects of the business including scrupulous customer care training. New employees and part-time staff are trained together with long-time employees, suppliers and vendors in customer care, and all processes are identified, modeled, or flow-charted. Research is conducted beforehand in order to identify the characteristics that are crucial to customer satisfaction. D2D's perspective of their business is also illuminating where D2D sees their business as inputs that can be changed into outputs by the process and by the amount of work and quality of that work that employees exert. In this way, D2D gains more of a margin than that that they put into their labor. The thorough training is not the only quality that one can lean from D2D. D2D also work in a collaborative manner with manager and employee team constantly reviewing performance on a
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