The DSM-5 Summary

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The Diagnostic and Statistical manual of mental Disorders also known as the DSM is used was published by the American Psychiatric Association as a way to set standard criteria for diagnosis of the different mental health conditions. Social workers, mental health practitioner and even researchers in order to, use this book to help them diagnose client. The book is intended to be used to make an initial assessment of symptoms that a patient might be facing and after the assessment is done then the clinicians can go about finding interventions to help the client overcome their disorder. The DSM 5 is divided into three sections and it is these three sections that the clinicians use to help their clients. The first section is DSM-5 Basics. In the Basics, there is the introduction which tells why the DSM-5 was created and it states that this book was to “enhance the clinical usefulness of DSM-5 as a guide in the diagnosis of mental disorders” (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: DSM-5, 2013, p. 5). The…show more content…
Also in the Introduction a brief history of the DSM-5 is mentioned along with DSM-5 Revision process, Proposals for Revisions, DSM-5 Field Trials, Public and professional review, Expert Review, Organizational structure, Harmonization with ICD-11, Dimension Approach to diagnosis, Developmental and lifespan considerations,
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