'The Da Vinci Code': Comparing the Book and the Movie

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Dan Brown's 2003 book "The Da Vinci Code" generated much controversy and inspired numerous individuals by providing them with facts that (even though difficult to verify) seemed especially realistic. Ron Howard's film based on the book further contributed to confusing people and actually influenced many in thinking that society lives in a lie while persons who actually know the truth pose in exemplary members of the social order (Abanes 5) Both works have had a severe impact on me because, as almost anyone, I immediately became captivated by the clever storyline and practically started to hope that at least some of the information I came across were true. It would actually be absurd for someone to claim that both the book and the motion picture have not caused uproar in the Christian world and in society as a whole as a result of making people feel that they need to get actively involved in finding out more about conspiracy theories. "The Da Vinci Code" directly goes at attacking Christianity and the Catholic Church in particular. The storyline present in both book and film is apparently meant to have people believe that the Christian community lived in a lie for most of these two millennia. Dan Brown's characters actually claim that "almost everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false" (Brown 235), thus influencing readers that they are about to learn more about a conspiracy that has been going on for the last two millennia. Furthermore, the writer claims that

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