The Dagmar (Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results)

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The DAGMAR (Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results) process, which was developed by Colley in 1961. This process has been very valuable towards advertising planning and setting objectives by placing an increased emphasis on different stages of the consumer decision-making process regarding final purchases. It uses the traditional hierarchy of effects model and suggests that the communication task must be specific and measurable. Therefore, it introduces a structure to measure the advertising results.

Characteristics of Effective Objectives

You already know that the success of any business strategy and plan depends on the objectives that they are designed around. Well-defined objectives serve as
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The six steps outlined in the Lavidge and Steiner model illustrated below begin with awareness related to three functions of advertising: (1) awareness and knowledge are related to information or ideas, (2) liking and preference are related to feelings toward the product, and (3) preference and conviction are related to purchase of the product. You can see that these steps have close relationships with the classical hierarchy of effects model which divides behavior into three dimensions: cognitive, affective, and behavioral.

This process that depicts how advertising should move consumers from awareness to purchase has ultimately become to known as the hierarchy of effects model that we have learned about in the previous lesson. This model shows that communication objectives center on the customer and the different levels in the buying process rather than sales alone. However, the main concern with communication-based advertising objectives is that it is hard to measure the outcomes.

Specific Objectives of Advertising

Using the two broad categories of advertising objectives, sales and communications, marketers define specific advertising objectives according to their needs. These specific advertising objectives should be related to the overall marketing strategy and to the promotion tasks assigned to advertising.

Accordingly, advertisers may incorporate one or more of specific objectives such
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