The Daily Routine At Dollar Tree Inc.

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The daily routine at Dollar Tree Inc. is very basic and is usually minimally manned. Problems such as stray items, wrong inventory and cash drawer mismatch arise due to employees not having the proper training.
Training at Dollar Tree Inc. is virtually non-existent. The orientation is an hour at most and morale is very low. The mission statement is only mentioned at orientation. Due to the fact that the position of a cashier is considered to be very simple, the emphasis on training is very little. First impressions set the tone for what type of performance the new-hire will choose to perform. Lawson (2015) encourages to have a thoughtfully planned and delivered program to set the tone and ignite the employee’s excitement and …show more content…

The results might be surprising to the Managers. Especially, when they are out of touch with what really is going on around the store.
Step 2 is forming a powerful guiding coalition. Leadership will have to be on board and on the same page in regards to the change. Kotter and Cohen reveal the core problems people face when leading change. Their main findings are that the central issue concerns not structure or systems but behavior and how to alter it (Farris, 2008). The success of the changes will depend on the ability of the managers to show their commitment to change and motivate the employees to do the same. Without any process to track the implementation, the change can also fail.
Step 3 is to create a vision. The vision will have to be something that can be realistically achieved within a couple of months. Making small changes to training will better to subtly introduce the existing employees a better way to process the go back to prevent stray items. Mentioning the vision of the company other than just at orientation can improve the focus of the employees. Having a clear vision of where they stand in the company can increase morale due to their stability and contribution in the company.
Step 4 is to communicate the Vision. When everyone in the company understands and believes in what the company stands for, it creates a sense of unity and will reduce resistance to change. Communication is the key. Training will be implemented, but if there are any additional

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