The Dairy Product Lewis Creamery Chocolate Milk

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1.0 Introduction

The report is going to analyze the dairy product-Lewis Creamery Chocolate Milk using manufacturing planning and control (MPC) system. Firstly, it will illustrate some background information of the shortage of Lewis Creamery Chocolate Milk and presumably the reason of the shortage was because the company did not implement the MPC system and then carried on by introducing the manufacturing planning and control (MPC) framework, which may help the company to overcome the shortage of the products and then the report is going to make some suggestions and recommendations to solve the shortage of the products. When applying the MPC system, the report will discuss each of the category listed in the front end, engine and back end separately and provide recommendations after the introduction of the MPC system. Lastly, it will conclude the vital importance for companies in the manufacturing industry to apply the MPC framework to ensure the best production quantity.

2.0 Background information of Lewis Creamery Milk

New Zealand has long history of making dairy products. The mission of the company is to create the best dairy products in New Zealand. On 3rd October 2014, the company launched its Lewis Creamy chocolate milk and it instantly hit the market and caused the shortage of the product. As the world is worrying about hungers and wars, New Zealanders are worrying about the shortage of the chocolate milk (Elitedaily, 2014). The company tried to supply the new

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