The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

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The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a great place for business. It is home to multiple companies and their corporate headquarters – and with an international airport, open trade routes, multiple universities and academic institutions – it proves to be the perfect location for businesses and professionals alike. One such company that is headquartered in Plano, TX, and is an example of a thriving organization in the area, is the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. A mostly domestic company, with most of its business located in North American and Mexico, the DPS Group is a manufacturer of nonalcoholic beverages in the beverage industry and is third in overall market share (after Coca-Cola and Pepsico). The beverage industry is steady and growing, but the nonalcoholic beverage portion of the industry is facing many challenges with carbonated soft drinks declining in sales due to a more health-conscious population. Analyzing the DPS Group and how they are dealing with these challenges was very interesting, as I have always been a Dr Pepper fan and would hate to see them go out of business or die out in the market. I have known people who have worked for the company and loved it, and I hope to work for them someday as well. I collected my research on the company through their website, articles and journals, and my own knowledge of the company and research into the company history through a visit to the Dr Pepper museum.
Company Overview Ever since the invention of carbonated
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