Essay about The Damage to the United States Caused by the Prohibition

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The United States Congress proposed the 18th Amendment, which banned the sale, manufacture, and consumption of alcoholic beverages due to mass consumption of alcohol, alcohol related health problems, husbands drinking away their family wealth, and many divorces from alcohol related problems. From its ratification in 1920, Prohibition irreparably damaged the United States. By almost bringing the country into complete corruption, launching a skyrocket in organized crime, and decreased revenue from lost taxes, it caused the government to almost go bankrupt, and in a desperate attempt to make money the government repealed the Prohibition Act in the simple need for cash flow. During Prohibition age corruption was everywhere doctors were…show more content…
McCoy brought in alcohol to florida and Miami by rum running. Rum Running was the illegal transportation of alcohol over water in the first days of prohibition was just a rag-tag army of schooner and merchant ships, but as prohibition wore on the ships became more specialized for the job of rum running like they had more high powered engines and had special compartments to keep the illegal booze. The most dangerous part of the journey was the last leg of 3 miles (4.8km) to shore. This is where the coast guard patrolled the most so the gangs created special boats fitted with fast and powerful aircraft engines armed them with machine guns and welded armor plating on them. One famous rum runner was by the name of william S. McCoy brought whiskey from the Bahamas to the coast of florida due to the fact that he did not water down his cargo for more volume to increase profits it was called “the real McCoy”. He illegally transported alcohol from the Bahamas to the eastern seaboard, he bought it cheap in the bahamas and sold it for huge profits across the ocean in America
Many other rum runners were transporting alcohol across the great lakes into Detroit and Chicago up the mississippi river to new orleans and many other places.
Another way of obtaining alcohol was called moonshine or locally made alcohol but at the first days of prohibition much of the moonshine became toxic due to the materials they were made in. But as prohibition
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