The Damaging Effect Of Sports On Women

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The Damaging Effect of Sports on Women When it comes to the topic of sports, many people would assert that sports are a tool that can be used to bring people together. However, in her essay, “We Don’t Like Football, Do We?” Mariah Burton Nelson argues that sports have created a platform where men can be brought together to diminish the ideas and worth of women. Nelson argues that with the idea that men are meant to play sports that require more strength and force, women are beginning to increasingly suffer the consequences of this idea. Nelson asserts that if men and women do not work to change the ideas of women that sports are creating, the damage done to women due to these ideas will not stop. Nelson claims that women are taught from a young age that they are not meant to like sports. In order to enforce this claim, Nelson uses the rhetorical strategy of narrative. In this narrative, Nelson tells the story of her young niece asking her mother, who was making dinner in the kitchen, if women are supposed to like football after seeing her father and brother watching the game together (3). Due to this narrative, Nelson is able to demonstrate that even within a family, there is the idea that men are supposed to watch sports while the women perform other tasks. Furthermore, by Nelson saying that her niece’s father did not acknowledge her when she walked past him watching the football game, Nelson demonstrates the people do not think twice about this idea (3). Nelson then

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