The Damned Thing

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6 Horror Stories That can Chill You In Less Than 30 Pages (601 Words) Most people read books to relax or to get caught up in the dramas of others, so that they can escape from their own problems. However, books in the horror category are purposely written to unnerve the reader, make them feel uneasy and even outright scare them. Despite the abundance of horror movies, books in this genre still has the edge as nothing created with CGI or practical effects can match what your imagination can conjure up. Horror stories don’t have to be thousand page epics to get their scares across either. For example, here are just 6 horror stories that are less than 30 pages, which makes for thrilling bedtime reading if you are brave enough. 1. The Burial…show more content…
At only ten pages, there isn’t much that can be said without spoiling the surprises. This tale of a German art student who falls in love and makes promises that he should have kept serves as a good example of good Braddon was at writing chilling tales. 3. The Damned Thing by Ambrose Bierce ( Page Count: 19 The Damned Thing by Ambrose Bierce is a classic tale of the hunter becoming the hunted. When a man named Hugh Morgan is killed under mysterious circumstances during a hunting and fishing, an inquest is held. Only one man, William Harker, witnessed the even, but will anyone believe his tale of the “damned thing” they encountered? 4. The Medici Boots by Pearl Norton Swet ( Page Count: 26 Who can resist the lure of trying on a pair of glamorousness amethyst-covered boots that is nearly half a century old? That is the question in The Medici Boots by Pearl Norton Swet. When her husband and his brother inherit a huge bounty of artefact’s, including the beautiful boots, the heroine is determined to try them on, despite the supposed curse that they
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