The Dance Concert : 9 O ' Clock Essay

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The Senior Dance concert, 9 o’ clock showing consisted of seven dance pieces. The first piece was called “Heavy Dew”, this piece was comprised of a six-person group dance. The backdrop was a blue shading. The sounds in this piece were waterfalls, and rainforest sounds. The movements made me feel as though the dancers were creatures in a wilderness or a rainforest, it was fast paced. For the first part of the performance the group of girls are dancing in front of the audience together, then as the music turns to be more serious and intense, there is just one dancer on the stage. Then, once all the dancers come back onto the stage, the music starts to soften and slow down again and the lights begin to dim for the remainder of the performance. The second performance was a solo act given the title of “Love You, Possess Me.” The title says it all. This was a very dark piece. The dancer was wearing an all black lace dress. She gave off an impression of being a black widow. The movements were mostly on the floor. The music was dim, and made me feel as though I was in a thriller film. The look on the performer 's face made me feel as though she was distant from everyone else, tragic, and apprehensive. I enjoyed this piece the most out of all of them. The third piece was titled “Unclothing The Elephant.” It consisted of seven performers. The music being played appeared to be a violin. All of the performers were dressed in black and white attire. For majority of the performance the
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