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“Welcome, welcome to all! As you all already know, it is now the time that we begin with the dance of benevolence, following with which we will commence with the raising of the cups. But first, let us give favor with the descendent of the fair maidens.” The trumpets began to sound again, and music accompanied. I watched with uncertainty. Nothing was happening until the crowd gasped and a beautiful young female in a billowy, bronze-colored dress emerged. Nimbly, she glided down the stairs. The people oohed and awed when just then, another attractive woman in a peach-colored dress arrived and floated after. More and more beautiful women streamed down the stairsteps, flowing out into the ballroom. The colors of their dress faded lighter…show more content…
There was no doubt she was beautiful: full red rose lips, slender waist, and smooth dark hair that cascaded down her bare, white shoulders. But there was something about her demeanor that distracted from her beauty. I couldn 't place it. Everyone remained silent until she made her final step onto the ballroom floor. She looked around the room, in greetings to her guests and her lips stretched wide, flashing a white teeth smile. Just then, in a wave-like motion, the lights burned brightly again, the music continued, and chatter and dancing became omnipresent. I returned my gaze to Gemma. Her eyes darted anxiously about as she stood alongside the other maidens. I had to move quickly. I held up my hand to capture her attention, but instantly I felt a tingling. My hand was beginning to disappear, evaporating in a swirling swarm of particles. Before I could start to comprehend what was happening, my whole body started to whirl around in a rapid spin. In a blink of an eye, I found myself still in the ballroom, only now, I was near the stairs on the opposite end. Dazed and disoriented, I reached my hand to my head and was startled to see my arms covered with sleeves. I reached down touching my torso. My clothes had altered. My T-shirt had converted to a blue jacket, and I was wearing a suit comparable to an admiral’s. Why did my clothes always change? At least now I fit in, I thought. Instinctively I grabbed my shoulders, to my relief, I could still feel my backpack

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