The Dancers by Alberto Florentino

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The Dancers
Before the Play will start the narrator will read: ( Lights are off, characters are in a freeze while the narrator reads)
Narrator: what is a family? Family are people in your life who you may be related to by blood, marriage, or choice, often for a lifetime (yours or theirs), who you hold dear and would generally do anything to help them when needed including making personal sacrifices, and whom you generally agree to accept no matter what they do.
They may be someone you see daily or infrequently but the bond remains, and stands the test of time, distance, and overrides almost any challenges.
But what if your family suffers from poverty, a family composed of a father that does not work for his family a drunkard and
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Elena2/Jeriza: Maybe it’s Because of Norma, You have a crush on her? Do You???? (Elena keeps on teasing Juanito, Juanito seems irritated)
Juanito/Mico: No, I don’t have a crush on her!! ( Juanito seems irritated)
Elena2/Jeriza: why not? She is pretty, same as your age just the girl for you , you’re in love with her aren’t you?
Juanito/Mico: I said no! stop it YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!
Elena2/Jeriza: (trembling with what Juanito said pushed Juanito) I hate you! I hate YOU!
Rita2/Maica: ( after she had got her things went to Juanito and Elena) what’s happening here, Why are you crying Elena?
Elena burst into tears, whispers to Rita what Juanito had told her and went away
Rita2/Maica: (to Juanito) Why did you call her that Juanito??
Juanito/Mico: Because its true! She’s a Bitch, I could hear people talking about her.
Rita2/Maica: You’re a liar!!! ( Holding Juanito tightly)
Juanito/Mico: your hurting me ate! Let me go! Or else I will tell them about you and the Chinese! I saw you entering the room with the Chinese!
Rita2/Maica: (slaps Juanito and Juanito runs outside the house)
Tony came and shouted to Rita
Tony/Alexander: stop it! What are you trying to do? Kill him??
Rita2/Maica: you heard what he said didn’t you? . (Tony has this look as if believing what Juanito said) If you want to believe him,well I don’t care. It’s not true! (Rita is ready to go)
Tony/Alexander: (Rita while walking away, Tony Holds her hand) Where are you going?
Rita2/Maica: where do you think to a

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