The Danger Of A Single Story

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“There 's always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” (J.K Rowling). While this may be true for some stories, other stories tend to lead misbeliefs about a time period or place. That is what Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie explains throughout her telling of “The Danger of a Single Story.” She states how a story can mislead people to generalize how a place is or how the people are. Everyone at some point has heard a story that made them believe a misconception about a place. Adichie starts off her speech by introducing how the first stories she read made her believe that British people drank ginger beer even if she doesn’t even know what ginger beer is. Many stories about Africa impoverish it as a place with few resources with only the necessities needed to survive. She would later state how she grew up in a middle class family with parents with a job. Chimamanda Adichie claims that stories can create stereotypes and her purpose is to not let one story influence a person’s thoughts on a person or place. Adichie starts off the speech by telling the story of her childhood. As a child, she wrote stories that her characters were white and blue-eyed, played in the snow, and talked about how lovely that the sun came out. From the books she read from foreign places, these stories describe the people as this so it leads Adichie to think that people from these places are like this based on the single story told by the books. She then talks about as a young girl, her

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