The Danger Of An Americanized China

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The Danger of an Americanized China
Would the United States passing a free trade agreement between Asia lead to corruption or growth for all countries within Asia? Currently the subject of a free trade agreement with Asia is being debated among the United States Congress (“Trans-Pacific”). The trade is supposed to reduce the tariffs that each country pays on its exported products. Americans are being told the free trade add jobs, provide access to products otherwise not available at a lower cost, but none of this is true. The free trade agreement will give Asian manufacturers an absolute advantage over the American manufacture’s because their wages are very low. The agreement will result in part of the United States gross domestic product or GDP to be redistributed to these Asia countries providing them with the catalyst to Americanization. They will be able to go to school, obtain a job, have a family, and buy a house and car, in short, live like an American at the expense of American’s. The United States allowing a free trade agreement with Asian countries would not only jeopardize America, but would corrupt all of Asia’s society. Reason being the American lifestyle is extremely wasteful and providing any country with large populations that dwarfs the United States is an incredibly bad idea.
The current population of the world consumes the world’s renewable resources 15 percent faster than they can be replaced (Safina). The population of the world is expected to
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