The Danger Of Suppressing Sadness By Walter Kirn

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In the article “The Danger of Suppressing Sadness” by Walter Kirn, he states multiple claims about the effect that medication has on children. A focus of his is the role that medication plays in children’s lives and the actual outcome that there is after taking medication. The article says what Holden Caulfield, the protagonist of the book The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, would have been like if he had taken the drug Prozac in order to help with the mental state that he is in during his young adulthood. Even though medication is not recommended for all cases, it is a necessity for a small group the Holden is a part of. Throughout the novel Holden shows examples of his mental illnesses. He considers suicide, gets distracted easily, thinks that everyone is a phony, and he also lies a lot. In Kirns’ article he says that “ at least three- quarters of the time, says Morris, the kids in question were placed on medication in what he saw as the beginning of a vicious cycle that frequently worsened the original problem”. Even though it seems that Holden would benefit from medication because of his mental health and suicidal mind, a possible reason why Holden did not take any medication in order to improve himself mentally is due to the chance that the medication would him worse than better. However, the possible benefits of being able to get rid of or at least decrease a mental illness outweighs the overall risk that there is in taking medication and the side effects that

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