The Danger Of Using Energy Drinks

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The Danger Of Using Energy Drinks
Americans ' use of energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar has more than doubled since 2008. Red Bull alone had annual sales in the US of almost 11 billion dollars in 2013. Government studies of energy drink-related emergency room visits and hospitalization have lead to the conclusion that the consumption of energy drinks is an increasing public health problem. This is also evidenced by the rising number of product liability and wrongful death lawsuits against producers like Monster. As consumption of these products rise, the number or people evidencing negative side effects is rising as well.

Energy drinks generally contain caffeine, sugar, guarana (a plant which contains twice as much caffeine as coffee), cocoa, B vitamins, and herbs like ginseng and kola nut. These beverages may contain over three times more caffeine than a eight-ounce cup of coffee which generally contains 85 mg of caffeine. High amounts of caffeine can cause health problems such as insomnia, irregular heartbeat, muscle tremors, irritability, nervousness, and increased blood pressure and blood sugar. Generally, doctors recommend that adults should limit their caffeine intake to 400 mg per day, adolescents, 100 mg. Individuals with high blood pressure and heart problems should further limit this consumption level. The older we get, the more sensitive we are to the effects of caffeine.

Energy drink contents, including caffeine levels, the main cause of most
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