The Danger of Nuclear Weapons versus the Necessity of Nuclear Weapons

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Nuclear weapons continue to present a real threat to humanity and other life on Earth. Scholars of international relations and policymakers share in the belief that the sheer power and destructiveness of nuclear weapons prevent them from being used by friends and foes alike. Then the real question becomes; what is the need for nuclear weapons? Nuclear weapons are defined as, volatile device that originates its destructive force from nuclear reactions, either fission or a combination of fission and fusion. Both reactions release massive amounts of energy from fairly small amounts of matter. Nuclear weapons have greatly changed the way war is fought. Along with these more dominant weapons come ways to control and countermeasure such power. …show more content…
So this then is the dilemma: directly and indirectly, both strength and weakness of a county can upset the balance of security and the status quo in international relations. With the development of nuclear weapons becoming more and more common, could lead to countries wanting to achieve an advantage over other. Syria’s recent development and controversial testing of biological weapons being a perfect example. This then begins a never ending cycle for power. This can possibly lead to countries “getting rid” of the competition. Luckily no country wants to be the first to start a nuclear holocaust.
I am in favor of both nuclear disarmament and stricter nuclear arms control. It’s hard to trust so much power in the hands of mere man. I am in favor of nuclear energy because of the reliability a few tons of radioactive can produce the same amount of energy as hundreds of tons of coal, fossil fuels or natural gas. So significantly less energy is expended on its transport to reactors. Also there is an increase in efficiency when it comes to the usage of nuclear energy. Small amounts can give power to city for a longer period of time in comparison to other convention energy sources. However in my mind the negative aspects outweigh the positive benefits.
Nuclear weapons aren’t very precise weapons; they do not attack the desired party. However nuclear weapons are destructive forces that annihilate anything within the blast radius. Unlike conventional weapons,

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