The Dangerous Effects Of Eating Fast Food

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Eating fast food There are a main requirements to have a long life such as eat healthy & live healthy. Fast foods are one of the most things which intimidate health of people. According to Ashakiran and Deepthi (2012), “Healthy nutritious foods have been replaced by the new food mantra - JUNK FOOD!” (p.7). Eating fast food become a common problem nowadays, it caused by its delicious taste & changing in life style, lead to being overweight & poor concentration. First cause of fast food is a delicious taste of it. Nowadays people prefer the taste of the food more than anything health else. Because of the good taste of fast food it make people eat from it more and…show more content…
fast food has many things which lead to obesity such as particularly, sugar, cholesterol & salts. According to Ashakiran and Deepthi, (2012), 35% of calories come from sugar & salts which in fast food. Those materials which in fast food lead to negative effects on people’s health such as functioning of kidneys & heart disease because of blood pressure Ashakiran & Deepthi, 2012). Imagine that all of those worse things can happened because of eating fast food. The second effect of fast food is poor concentration. According to Ashakiran and Deepthi (2012), fast food contains many oils which lead to poor concentration for people. Eating too much from fast food can make a drop for blood circulation & can make defect for the grey cells (Ashakiran & Deepthi, 2012). One of causes which lead to poor concentration is that fast food has colors which is bad for people’s bodies (Ashakiran & Deppthi,
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