The Dangerous Everyday

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There are things all around us that can be very dangerous and we might never know. Soaps and detergents are one of those things. Acids and bases are everywhere but, there are two specific types: Sulphuric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide which we use on a regular day bases. An acid classifies a wide range of materials including Sulphuric acid and bases Sodium Hydroxide. When manufacturing soaps they use Sodium Hydroxide, and detergents use Sulphuric Acid. But these two can be very poisonous, and there are many symptoms that may happen, some even severe. The title shows how much people may be using dangerous things without having the knowledge that they can harm them.

Acid and bases can be found in our everyday lives. An acid is a compound that usually has a sour taste, containing hydrogen that can be replaced by a metal to form salt. Bases taste bitter and feel slippery, their water solution conducts and electric currents. When acids and bases are put together they make salt and water. The Arrhenius theory states that acids are substances which produce hydrogen ions in a solution and bases are substances in which produce hydroxide ions in a solution. Neutralization happens when hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions produce water. Something we use every is soaps, detergents and fertilizers, all of these have acids and bases. The manufacturing of soaps use the base Sodium hydroxide and the detergent and fertilizer use Sulphuric acid. Sodium hydroxide is a white solid,
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