The Dangerous Game: A Fictional Narrative

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Alternative Ending An anxious night slithered slowly by like a disabled snake and sleep did not drop by Rainsford, even though the silence of the dead world was on the jungle. Approaching morning when a dirty gray was gliding the sky, the cry of some scared bird attracted Rainsford concentration in that area. Something was approaching through the bush coming carefully and slowly. He leveled himself down on the limb and, over a pile of leaves, he observed…….That whatever was nearing was a man. Rainsford thought it was General Zaroff, but the person who was coming was Whitney, Rainsford friend. Rainsford asked “How did you come here?” Whitney, Rainsford friend was surprised when he saw someone alighted in the tree.Whitney asked “Wait what is that you Rainsford? I thought you died in the shipwreck”. “Whitney don’t yell I’m right here, not 5 kilometers away” Rainsford muttered. “And what shipwreck? Do you mean our boat that crashed? “Yes our boat that crashed!” Whitney said. “But Whitney…show more content…
They heard the sporadic howls of General Zaroff dog’s. Even they were really far away, Rainsford still got a shiver whenever he heard them. They must think of a way fast to get General Zaroff confused. Both of them walked in the jungle as black as pitch dark until they became so tired they could hardly stay on their feet. Whitney didn’t even know what was happening and on the other hand Rainsford was on the limit of extreme fright. General Zaroff had a gun, and he only had a knife to protect him and Whitney. The next day when Rainsford woke up the sun was already high in the sky and he had no idea where he was. His muscles throbbed as he was sitting up. His shirt was smeared with red blood. He didn’t know if this was one of General Zaroff prank’s or someone dead. Then he figured out why he had blood all over him it was
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