The Dangerous Megatherium

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Imagine you were living during the Ice age and you saw an enormous sloth- like creature in a distance what would you do? If your first thought was to approach it, think again! You would be face-to-face with the dangerous Megatherium. The Megatherium is an awesome mammal that lived approximately 10 million years ago. Megatherium had large claws, an enormous body, and long tail. This sort of animal called herbivorous. First, Megatherium has big claw. It attacks a predator when they attack them. Also, it cuts the leaves. Its claw was 30cm. It can break a tree. Second, it has huge body. It is 14 feet tall. And it looks like a giant sloth that can’t hold on to the tree. It is the biggest mammal that existed. And it had a lot of predator as a Smilodon
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