The Dangerous Nature Of Whales

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Whales in Captivity Killer whales are beautiful creatures that roam the ocean with grace and authority; they are wild animals, meant to be free. As humans it is our job to protect them and revere them. We should be doing this in a way that is conscious of their assertive, wild nature, not in a way that tries to tame them and make them submit to us. Killer whales all over the world have been captured and put into theme parks and training centers for our entertainment, this selfish act is disrespectful to nature, and to the whales that could so easily overpower us. Many injuries have occurred and lives lost, both human lives and animal lives, because of marine entertainment industry and as Christians it is our responsibility to invoke a change, make people more aware of what they are really giving money to, and take better care of God’s creation. In nature, whales act much differently than when held in captivity. They are very family oriented creatures. They travel in groups that can range anywhere from 10 to 40 whales, these groups are called “pods” and are very similar to wolf packs . The whales hunt cooperatively together and teach each other and take care of their young. The mothers in the pods lead to entire group of whales and teach younger whales how to hunt, feed, parent, etc. Female whales usually give birth about every 3 to 10 years, and after they give birth they watch over their young for the rest of their lives. Female whales (like humans) go through a
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