The Dangers And Negative Effects Of Underage Drinking

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In the article “Underage Drinking” the author highlights the effects and dangers of consuming alcohol before it is legal. While it is true that “In most countries around the world where alcohol is legal, the legal drinking age is eighteen”, the author states that alcohol can still have more negative effects on those under the age of twenty one than adults. The author provides many statistics, such as “research showed a correlation between the lowered drinking age and increased car accidents” to back up these statements. It is clear that the author’s main goal in the article is to inform the public about the negative outcomes of underage drinking, but it seems that their ulterior motive is to persuade against it. This is obvious, as the author shows no positives or even opinions from the opposing side. To further develop their position, the author also explores the details of “binge drinking” and states that “youth often consume more alcohol in one sitting than adults, in part because the brain of a maturing adolescent can tolerate more alcohol with delayed effects as compared to the brain of an adult”. They go on to describe the possibilities and dangers of alcohol poisoning and the fact that every year, over four thousand youth deaths involve alcohol consumption. This statistic is backed up not only by the CDC in the article, but also in studies done by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The author then delves into the health risks of underage

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