The Dangers Of Addictions And Drug Use

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Concerns about addictions and drug use have been an ongoing battle for several years, especially for adolescents. There are still controversies about how and why an individual becomes addicted to a substance. Family members and loved ones of the addicted individual continue to ask why this individual continuously chooses to go back to the drug, no matter what the consequences are. To this day, research has opened our eyes to new possibilities, new explanations, and new interventions in order to help us start answering some of the many questions out there about addiction. There may be several factors that contribute to an individual becoming addicted. Research has found that genetics may have a significant amount of responsibility in this event. According to Volkow and Li (2005), 40-60% of vulnerability to addiction is due to genetic components. This number not only considers the effects of genes themselves but also the effects of gene-environment interactions. Individuals may have a genetic factor that puts them at a higher risk for becoming addicted, however, the environment in which these individuals grow up in may be the determining factor in the end. The individual may learn certain behaviors from an addicted parent, have easy access to drugs and alcohol in the home, or may be left unattended or given too much freedom from parental control at an early age. These scenarios may be considered high-risk environments for starting drugs at an early age or the individual may…
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