The Dangers Of Adolescent Depression

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Adolescent depression is considered a mental and emotionally disorder that is on the rise among adolescents. Although this depression is treated the same medically as in adults, symptoms that adolescents suffer from manifest by a variety of different factors. “Peer pressure, sports, changing hormone levels, developing bodies, awkward tendencies, and a host of other factors can carry many ups and downs for teenagers. However, these ups and downs can be signs of depression.” Unfortunately, it seems that early signs of depression in adolescents may continue to follow an individual into adulthood.
According to the article “Low and Decreasing Self-Esteem during Adolescence Predict Adult Depression Two Decades Later” authors Steiger, Andrea E., Allemand, Mathias, Robins, Richard W., Fend, Helmut A argued that self-esteem is defined as an individual’s overall interpretation of their worth. The article references a study done on global self-esteem in adolescent’s interpretation in terms of physical appearance and academic intelligence. These two factors lie highly important for developing adolescents as they begin to establish relationships and inquire about academic goals and skills. It can be predicted that the higher level of self-esteem one has, more full filling personal and social life outcomes occur. For example, high self-esteem predicts “closeness in romantic relationships, better job performance, and academic achievement. . In comparison, low self-esteem can lead to
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