The Dangers Of Alcohol Abuse

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Many are unaware of the dangers alcohol causes because it is sold and distributed legally in the United States, when in reality alcohol kills many people every year. Alcohol is ranked the third highest reasoning of early teenage death, beating out high blood pressure, illegal drugs, and unsafe water (“2.5 Million Alcohol-Related Deaths”). The sensation of euphoria is a haze while on alcohol, which many try to achieve, unaware of the effects that may haunt them long after that feeling is gone. The number of people that consume alcohol on a weekly basis is astounding, 66% of people say that they consume over four drinks a week. Twelve percent of the people asked say they consumed over eight drinks in the past week (“Majority in U.S. Drink”). On average there is 1.4 million people arrested a year for drunk driving. As people are under the influence of alcohol, they are 40% more likely to be apart of a violent act (Alcohol Abuse Stats”). In the United States, approximately 15 million people are dependent on alcohol (“Alcoholism Statistics”). In 2013, about 8.4 million people live in New York City, almost half of how many people have a dependency on alcohol (“New York QuickFacts”) . The Central Nervous System consist of the spinal cord and brain, which controls a majority of things that happen throughout our bodies. Alcohol, and several other drugs including Amytal, Nembutal, and Phenobarbital, are called depressants (Dasgupta 11). They slow down the CNS causing slurred…
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