The Dangers Of Being Homeless

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Currently in Nevada, there has been a mass increase in the amount of homeless minors that roam the streets. Many of these minors are homeless due to the tragic event of losing their families or being rejected and abandoned by their loved ones. The problem with having minors on the streets is not only the reputation of this state, but mostly the future of these minors. Being homeless denies these minors sufficient amounts of resources for them to get further in life; without enough resources it causes the teens to do deviant acts such a committing robbery. In Clark County, there has been a vast increase in the number of homeless individuals. The number of homeless people has increased from 7,443 to 7,509 in the past year. (Amaro). Aside from just the increase of homeless adults, there has been an 8.5 percent increase of homeless minors in Clark County. (Amaro). According to the Las Vegas Sun, there are around 825 minors that are homeless. (Chen). These minors are usually unaccompanied and are caring for themselves. There are many factors that seem to contribute to the reason why there are homeless minors. One of the factors that contributes to the reason why there is homeless minors is that they are unable to find proper housing and always end up back in shelters. “The coalition’s website describes the chronically homeless as a small population that is ‘entrenched in the shelter system’. Episodic homeless are often younger individuals who find housing, but end up back in
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