The Dangers Of Bullying In America

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Everyone has encountered a bully at one point in their lifetime and if you say you have not then it was probably you. They are like the plague everyone avoids them at all cost even if it means taking the longest way to class. Bullies are not just born bullies they have something that fuels the fire and rage inside. School is supposed to be a safe place for children, but some kids fear school because they get bullied or picked on. Bullies often seem superior to others when really, they feel inferior inside because they are insecure or are having something go on in their home life. There are three common reasons a bully lashes out, the bully comes from a dysfunctional family, the bully feels the need to be in control, Bullying behavior gets rewarded.…show more content…
A dysfunctional family doesn’t mean the child is a bully. However, a large amount of bullies come from this category because they are in homes with little affection and openness. Parents in dysfunctional families often let their children view some type of violent behavior on tv or even within the family and friends. “Children learn from seeing what their primary caregivers do. They are very attuned and very observant about what goes on in a household,” said Dr. Nerissa Bauer. Dr. Bauer is the lead author of a study at university of Washington on the relations of violence in the home and bullying in schools. “This study supports the idea that parental violence can lead to violence between children and their peers,” added Todd Herrenkohl the co-author of the
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