The Dangers Of Cell Phones

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The Dangers of Cell Phones Are cell phone dangerous? Are they a distraction? The answer to both those questions is Yes! Cell phones have advanced greatly since the turn of the century. With the advancement of cellular technology cell phones have become a staple in our every day lives. Have they become a dangerous distraction? Our kids are spending more time with the cell phones than their families and friends. Cell phones have been a major factor in 52% of car accidents from 2009 to 2011. With the advancement of cellular technology cell phones have become miniaturized transportable computers. With one handheld device you can now send: Emails, text messages, phone calls and leave voice mails. It used to take multiple devices to accomplish these actions. To check any missed calls you would have had to wait until the end of the day when you got home to see any missed calls or voicemails. Now you don’t even have to miss a call, your cell phone can literally go with you almost anywhere. Cell phones are a major distraction, however they do have some good qualities. They keep people and their worked linked at all times. Cell phones also keep parents and their children connected. There’s no more wondering where your children are. With a simple call to their phone you no know at the touch of a button. With all the connectivity cell phones provide us in our day-to-day lives has it become too important in a family? Sure cell phones keep parents and kids connected, but cell phones

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