The Dangers Of Cell Phones In The Classroom

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With technology advancing quite rapidly through the past few years, things such as cellphones and laptops are becoming quite common within the university classrooms. With this advancement of technology also comes many drawbacks to its usage within a classroom. Many professors are okay with the use of cellphones in the classroom, but often students will abuse this privilege and use their phones excessively. University students, throughout their university experience will begin to have an academic decline due to the phone use they incur on themselves. People using technology in class not only distracts themselves, but can distract other students who are trying to focus and work, as well as being disrespectful to the professor teaching the class. Due to these circumstances, professors should begin prohibiting the use of technology, more specifically cellphones, in their classrooms to improve student academics as well as attention. This will not only assist the students in the long run academically and for their career by teaching them proper social interaction, but make the professor feel more positive about teaching the content, as their students will not be distracted by phones. Professors may sometimes use cellphones towards academics, such as taking attendance or responses to questions virtually, but a lot of the time people that use their phones in class do not use them responsibly. Some students will begin to use their cellphones excessively, looking at things completely
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