The Dangers Of Crutorial Killers

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Within a couple of months of performing a job which was a tremendous challenge to my inner child-self, Mistress Carla consumed Charlayne. This conversion enabled Mistress Carla to safeguard Charlayne against the psychological dangers, I thought. Most of the time I felt like my mind wasn’t present in my body and I was suspended outside myself in another invisible body. Sounds eerie, but that’s how it was at first, and that’s how I still feel on occasion when something super bizarre is in front of me that I'd rather not see. I had to set up the dungeon in my home, which was nerve-wracking because my father and brother had a habit of stopping by my house without warning. I didn’t know if I could learn to deal with all forms of abnormal…show more content…
I would be writing about domination and my goal was to share my research with the world. Maybe someday I would write a book about my tenure as a dominatrix. My research would focus strictly on domination fantasies, bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism (BDSM), fetishes, plus every session would document a specific role-play scenario. The sexual activity in my dungeon would be restricted to masturbation and anal play with butt plugs for the participants, or occasionally oral servitude to me, if I was in the mood, because I learned that forced oral was a popular reward for most clients. This limited erotica was based on the dynamics of the Mistress and slave or dominant female and submissive role-plays. Coitus, otherwise known as intercourse, and fellatio, known as blow jobs, never happened. Oddly enough, they were never requested and that was a relief. If a client requested a bisexual fantasy, occasionally I would strap on a dildo and permit him to suck on a sterilized, rubber dildo covered with a condom. The power play of most Mistress and slave scenarios would feature a “punishment and reward” system. Erotica of any kind had to be earned by the participant for his submissive performance and was only granted to well-behaved submissives as a reward for being obedient to the Mistress’s wishes. Obedience and performance were

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