The Dangers Of Data Collection

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In recent years, new technologies develop on a daily basis. From this, it would seem that a great progress of human is considered to have advantages both for society and for the public. The vocabulary “privacy” according to the Cambridge Advanced learners Dictionary (2004) is “the right to keep one’s personal matters and relationship secret.” However, the citizens often ignore that the data collection by the companies. The average person has much personal information online. The online data is more than just a collection of ones and zeros. It is the public’s lives, personal stories and in many ways. They do not realize the dangers behind these information. The purpose of this essay is, therefore, to examine the principle of data collection, the dangers of data collection, and the solution of how to protect internet privacy. The essay is divided into four parts. First, the reason of data collection and how it works. Second, the advantages and disadvantages of data collection by companies will be considered. Thirdly, the solution of data protection. It could give some suggestions to the citizens. Finally, an attempt made to draw conclusion as to the balance of positives and negatives and the way to protect internet privacy in the future.

Some investigators found that the information of the public often be stolen by someone. There are some ways to collect data from computer users. First, the companies could use “cookie” to collect data. Kierkegaard (2005) claims that the…
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