The Dangers Of Drinking And Driving

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I think drinking and driving is terrible because of how many accidents there are and because there are so many people getting away with drinking and driving these days. Driving while under the influence is bad because there are so many wrecks while driving drunk. The risk of people driving drunk has increased over the years because cops have started to slow down on catching people that are driving under the influence. We are all at risk to drive under the influence but most of us decide not to because there are smart people In the world beside the people that actually drink and drive but most of them are complete idiots and need to stop driving drunk before they have to live with the guilt of knowing that they just killed someone. Male drivers between 22-45 who are old are responsible for over 50% of all drunk driving accidents but it 's more often because of the 22-25 year olds because there at drinking age and get drunk the first few days of being able to drink because they are beginners and they can’t handle how much they are going to drink and they want to leave after getting drunk because they don’t feel good and want to get home but most likely they get in a car crash and have to go to the hospital for injuries. They also don’t remember getting in the crash because they just usually leave and the next day they forget what happen because of the hangover the next day and they usually stay inside the next day because they don’t feel good. They don’t care though because

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