The Dangers Of Drug Resistant Bacteria

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“Drug Resistant Bacteria According to Cable News Network, reported that, “the Center for Disease Control is categorizing antibiotic-resistant organisms by threat level. That’s because, they have estimated, more than 2 million people get antibiotic- resistant infections each year, and at least 23,000 died because current drugs no longer stop their infections” (Falco,1). Antibiotic-resistance is becoming a growing issue in society today. “A 59-year-old man was hospitalized with Klebsiella pneumonia strain, and was treated with multiple antibiotics, including the most powerful antibiotic there is. The overuse of antibiotics caused his body to become resistant to the drugs” (McKenna,3). Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria change in a…show more content…
Antibodies are a part of our immune system which are white cells that fight off bacteria naturally (the human body host trillions of antibodies)” (Falcon,1). Doctors need to stop trying to satisfy patients by doing the wrong thing but to put ethics first. “Doctors like to appear that they are offering an important and necessary service by writing antibiotic prescriptions” (Fuhrman,1). Although, doctors know that writing antibiotic prescriptions inappropriately, would lead to antibiotic-resistance, they do it anyways knowing that it is wrong. Doctors do this to keep the patient happy, so that a patient will continue to come back to them. Patients can find a doctor that’s willing to make-up a diagnosis to validate coming to the rescue with a treatment. “Drug companies promote the use of their products through wide spread advertising and the practice of giving free samples of the more potent, broad- spectrum antibiotics to doctors” (Fuhrman,1). This only help the sales for drug companies and introducing newer, better medicine to the public. However, creating new medicines are causing prices to skyrocket, making it harder for the public to be able to afford the medication that is needed. With new antibiotics coming out people stand a greater chance becoming antibiotic-resistant with more access of these prescriptions. Now, that I have talked about the misuse of
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