The Dangers Of E Cigarettes

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With technological innovations happening everyday, many products are being created promoting health. Among these products is what is known as a e-cigarette. With no tobacco, tar, or even smoke, it has to be safe. Or is it? E-cigarettes were first introduced in 2006 as an alternative to smoking tobacco products. These e-cigarettes use vapor as opposed to smoke. The user still can receive their fill of nicotine with an added bonus of a flavor choice. With there first launch they weren 't seen as a breakthrough to many people and quickly was pushed aside. However, with growing technological advancements they have become a trending alternative to the normal cigarette. Many are quick to assume that the lack of actual tobacco results in a less dangerous product. But is it actually what it seems?
Many who use e-cigarettes believe that they are using a healthy alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and they are not dangerous. As e-cigarettes are less than 10 years old, minimal research has been able to be achieved. However I see those who believe this to be under analyzing possible long term effects that are not yet know. Health risks have been found in e-cigarettes, but not enough to classify them as dangerous in the way a regular cigarette is. Although, in the future, these e-cigarettes could be found more harmful than the regular cigarettes, but this is not known as of today. Therefore a e-cigarette user cannot claim they are using a healthier alternative. Just because they
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