The Dangers Of Early Sexual Activities

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The United States has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates, with the highest group beginning the Hispanic American community. To what degree are the parents involved in communicating to their teenage girls about sex, and are they providing the proper information to help protect their teenage daughters from pregnancies and STD’s? Academically this issue will continue to be examined, so that we can learn to help educate young teen students about the dangers of early sexual activities and how to help prevent teen pregnancies, STD’s, and other associated issues resulting from having sex. Race, class, and one’s sexuality has also been studied in connection to this area by many scholars, all in which trying to help students think about the consequences that are tied with having sex at an early age, and building communication between the parent and child for prevention of onset to early sexual activities. There are many medical and heritage foundations that have taken a large interest in parent child communications on the early onset of sexual activities and are being driven to conducting studies to help both the students and the families get educated and assist them with communication on adolescent sex. I’m specifically looking at Hispanic American families and the parent child communication and intervention on the early onset of sexual activity by young Hispanic American teenage girls. This literature is pertinent to my study because it gives historical and statistical
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