The Dangers Of Genetically Engineered Crops Far Outweigh The Benefits

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The Dangers of Genetically Engineered Crops far outweigh the Benefits You might know what GMOs are or at least you have heard about it, but for them, who do not know what GMOs are, Genetically Modified Organisms also known as (GMO), are those whose DNA is modified by implantation of a variety of bacteria or other organisms. Those changes are made not only to prevent pests attacking crops but also to make them grow fast among other alterations. It is well known that GMOs has been a polemical issue since its appearance, for many people it could be beneficial as it could help to feed the world, for others, consuming GMOs could become in a big risk since any process that threatens Mother Nature creates chaos. This controversial topic is the origin of a big issue nowadays and it has been growing around the world due to North American Free Trade Agreement known as FTA, which promotes the trade promotion agreement into other countries. It is clear that the FTA negotiations of many countries includes import and export food and most of these food should be regulated by the FDA, in the United States case, for example, which requires farmers around the world to plant crops only with GMO seeds. In order to demonstrate the distinct issues of GMO and clarify some arguments about its repercussions in our health, I decided to further investigate about the GMO 's myths and realities and I found that despite the seemingly many advantages of genetically modified food, I firmly believe it

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