The Dangers Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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he Dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms
There has been a long debate concerning the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), whether it imposes a risk not only to our environment, but also to our bodies when ingested over a long period of time. GMO corporations have debated against these topics and have desperately tried to convince consumers that their products are safe when in reality they do more harm than good. In a recent study by Dr. Oraby published through the Turkish Journal of Biology, found that albino rats on a genetically modified based diet showed significant damage to the liver, kidneys and reproductive system and showed abnormalities in just 90 days (267).
There has to be a control in the production of GMOs
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According to Jonathan Foley, GMO efforts may have started with good intentions, but ended in crops that were better at improving profits. GMO companies had a good idea to begin with but soon became money hungry and forgot about the true intentions they once had (Ostrander 25). There are 6 major GMO corporations that control the input in our agriculture, and according the Organic Research Foundation only 2% of the U.S. food supply is grown using organic methods (OFRF 5). Worldwide, 282 million acres are planted using Monsanto’ s patented seeds. This translates into an eighty percent control of the GM corn market and ninety-three percent control of the GM soybean. Monsanto has vigorously enforced its patent rights, ensuring its patented technology is maintained within the bounds of licensing agreements (Sabrina Wilson 124).
With a vast majority of seeds owned by GMO corporations, genetic drifts and cross contamination with organic fields are common through out the farmlands. Today’s organic farmers have to be cautious of the threats of GMO cross contamination because it leaves the crops damaged and unmarketable. Organic farmers are also left with the fear of legal action from GMO corporations putting small local farms at fault for patent infringement causing them to loose everything they have or sign to an
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