The Dangers Of Global Warming

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These days, dangers of global warming, pollution, and landfills are well documented, but not a lot is being done to stop these issues. Problems such as resource depletion, global warming, pollution, extinction, toxic waste in rivers (like the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast), and fracking all pose serious threats to our environment. However, no sure-fire solutions have been introduced to society, so these problems seem only to get worse as time goes on. Serious consequences such as health issues, threats to biodiversity, rising water levels, and depletion of natural resources are the outcomes of mishaps of consumers. We know these issues are bad, but why is it so difficult to take action against them? Well, people look at the world with a short time horizon. Many people view profits versus well being of the planet only with a short-term perspective, not worrying about the future of the earth after they are gone. It seems that there are many reasons leading to the inaction in our society, but a significant issue is collective action failure, otherwise known as “tragedy of the commons.” It is a complex system, mostly filled with misunderstandings that must change on a social level. Collective action failure is an example of market failure. A collective action failure is an idea significant of exhausting resources through overuse. For example, with the issue of recycling, people view it as a good thing because it can help conserve resources. However, people also see recycling as
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