The Dangers Of Law Enforcement

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Dangers of Law Enforcement Mason Robinette 1st Block Travis D. Manley 4/16/2015 Dangers of Law Enforcement Policing, even though it may not look as rough or as dangerous as it seems on the television, is a very dangerous job. Police officers face many dangers daily, in their jobs. They never really know the outcomes of any situation they get called in to. Dangers that policemen face are the risk of getting shot, PTSD, biohazard exposure, dangers in making arrests and serious or minor trauma. All of these dangers occur in different situations just in making a simple traffic stop, making an arrest, hazmat scenes, and even directing traffic. Police officers are constantly being faced with the unknown dangers all around them. Police face the danger of getting shot in almost any situation. Policemen could get shot during a building search, or even at a simple traffic stop. For example in San Antonio, Texas, a dash cam video was released showing that an officer was making a routine traffic stop because a man in a truck ran a stop sign. When the truck pulled over, the driver hopped out of his truck and began shooting at the officer. The officer began to return fire and in doing so he shot and killed the driver. Reports state that the Officer stopped Michael Bradley because he didn 't come to a complete stop at a stop sign. As the Officer conducted the stop, Michael Bradley fired four shots from his vehicle. The President of the San Antonio Municipal Officers
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