The Dangers Of Marijuana And Alcohol

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Marijuana and alcohol have caused several problems over the past few years. However, alcohol has always been around. Marijuana has also always been around, but there was an absence of it for a good period of time. It is not becoming more popular all over the United States. Although neither stimulant 's are good for you, the usage of both is in a very high demand. Both marijuana and alcohol have different side effects. Being an alcoholic is by no means healthy for a person. Any person can easily get alcohol poisoning and death can result in it. More people are dying every day from people driving drunk. The effect alcohol has on one person body is far worse than being high from smoking marijuana. Alcohol has more of an impairment on a single person. Each person is also different in their own way with how much alcohol they can consume. Some can consume a lot and other can be a lightweight. Depending on how much alcohol being consumed can affect the way a person acts. People have a tendency to keep drinking even after their tolerance level. It gets to the point where they blackout and they have no idea what they are doing. The problem with marijuana coming back around to our society is no one really knows the facts about it. Yes, it is still considered a drug, but so is alcohol. Not many people look at it like that. Marijuana has not only become more popular for teens but for medical reasons as well. For cancer patients or any medical reason, they can smoke or eat an…

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