The Dangers Of Misused Knowledge

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As time marches onward, the collective knowledge and understanding of the human race grows ever larger, its pace accelerating with each successive revelation. Now more than ever, we must understand the implications of what we do—though now more than ever are we tempted to do away with caution and critical thinking, to be consumed by our passionate optimism, to foolishly believe that we might wield our power as freely as the gods, unconcerned with the consequences of our own actions. We live in a time of unprecedented scientific innovation and unprecedented naiveté, with the two intersecting more than any responsible society should allow; knowledge is power, and misused knowledge gives rise to the most terrible of powers, those unnatural, wretched things we call monsters. Through Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, we can understand the vital importance of careful and considerate scientific inquiry, because Victor Frankenstein’s careless and inconsiderate conduct exemplifies how one should not approach science. This essay aims to demonstrate the dangers of misused knowledge; to emphasize the importance of rational, careful consideration of implications regarding scientific inquiry and innovation; to address the mutual exclusivity of passion and caution, and its relationship with the inevitability of monstrosities; and the redeeming nature of responsible conduct and emotional integrity necessary to repair the damages wrought by monstrous things. With foresight and reason we can
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