The Dangers Of Modern Social Justice

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The Dangers of Modern Social Justice
In America there has always been “racial” tension. Although it would be more accurate to state that there has always been “ethnic” tension in America. The term “race” can be used to target an individual’s differences in physical appearance, and while in the past this was commonplace practice, today, however, it is more apt to use “ethnicity’ to differentiate (Segregated America - Separate Is Not Equal). A person’s upbringing that helps shape who they might become (Persell 98-107).
This clash of cultures, of personal identity, has culminated in a very real “Us vs. Them” mentality. One of which there is only one correct side, where one is right and the other wrong. Recent advancements in technology have made this mentality possible to spread at a swift and unchecked speed. Where one voice can stand against many, where one post to a social site can start a movement, where one tweet can endanger innocent lives. Where one match in a dark room has the potential to either light the room up, or set it on fire.
It is this style of belief structure that if not properly balanced can create such chaos and division that not one, or many, could stand against. This oncoming wave is social justice; it is the new child of the instant age. Yet it has no guiding figure, no parent to help ground its moral compass. It often lacks respect for others, respect for law, and often ignores the responsibility of facing consequences. In short, the social justice
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