The Dangers Of Norwalk Virus

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The Dangers of Norwalk Virus
Sabrina Crouch
Sanitation and Safety
Central Texas College
30 November 2015

This essay is about Norwalk virus. How to prevent it and what to do if you recieve this illness. This essat also informs you on the history and recent outbreaks. How to avoid the illness and how it is transmitted are told in this illness. Death is also a topic in this essay and how many people die from norwalk virus annually.

Sabrina Crouch
Professor Weiand
CHEF 1305
02 December 2015
The Dangers of Norwalk Virus
What is the disease that can affect 23 million people and kill 800 people in the span of a winter with in the United States alone? (CDC, 2105) This same illness has around 3,000 people admitted into british hospitals yearly. (CDC, 2105) Norwalk virus, also called Norovirus after the renaming in 2002, is the most common stomach bug but is still very dangerous. This virus has killed more than 200,000 children in developing countries and affects so many people within one winter, which is why the Norwalk virus is called the Winter Vomiting Illness. (food safety, 2105) The Norwalk virus is very preventable, but can do damage.
To understand what Norwalk is you have to look at it’s history. Norwalk has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and is almost impossible to track where the illness had originally came from. Norwalk was first accurately recorded in the outbreak of Norwalk, Ohio 1968,
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