The Dangers Of Racial Profiling And Police Brutality

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Randall, Ivanna Racial Profiling and Police Brutality Sociology B2, Monday, 9:35 am September, 11, 9:35 am

Racial Profiling and Police Brutality Racial profiling is subjecting citizens to scrutiny based on racial or ethnic factors rather than reasonable or justifiable suspicion (Chan 2011). Other than causing feelings of alienation and targeting racial profiling creates inequality and divides people of different races and ethnicities. Police brutality is the form of police misconduct which involves undo violence by police officers. There are many types of police brutality causing dangerous outcomes, health implications and negative perceptions. These negative perceptions by people of color are causing community responses and added police accountability. While people say racial profiling is necessary because certain people are more likely to commit certain crimes, it takes freedom away from members of a community making it possible for police officers to target minorities everywhere and anywhere. There are many ways police officers can abuse their power and racially profile such as unreasonable police searches, excessive force, rights of pretrial detainees, juvenile arrests, drug arrests, police stops, incarceration lengths, prosecution charges, etc. Also, racial profiling has not been found to reduce crime. Over time, racial profiling can also cause issues of people losing confidence in the police force. Racial profiling is one of the biggest problems existing in our society today. People are saying that police brutality acts against minorities, specifically African Americans, are a new issue that is happening but, the truth is that the only difference between now and years and years ago is that people are recording incidents on video with the help of new technology. According to the 2009 Race Issues and Stop and Search: Looking behind the Statistics by Kiron Reid, “black people are six times more likely to be searched by police than white people.” African Americans are being targeted and it is not safe. Almost weekly news reports are in the media about beatings,

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