The Dangers Of Smoking Cigarette Smoking Essay

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Introduction Nowadays, tobacco products have become popular around the globe, such as cigarette, cigar, e-cigarette, and chewing tobacco. The origin of the tobacco plant was in North and South America where the American Indian utilized tobacco for religious and medical purposes. Later on, many forms of tobacco have been created and harmful substances have been integrated in. After world war 1, the use of cigarette became significantly notorious. Several decades later in 1964, the hazards of smoking cigarette became known to the public (Boston university medical center, 1999). Even though smoking cigarette risks have been published for roughly 50 years, people still smoke for several reasons and they should be reminded of its fatal effects in order to quit. The Problem definition The basic definition of habit is an enjoyable activity being done regularly or occasionally. Thus, smoking cigarette can be classified as a habit. This habit, particularly in the US, initiates the most when people are teenager. In adolescent age, they begin to smoke because they think this action will transfer them to adulthood as they see their smoker parents or relatives do. Moreover, some teenagers initiate to smoke because either they thought it was cool or just to give it a try. In addition, tobacco commercials in TV significantly influence people in terms of seeing tobacco as harmless and exciting. Kids watching these ads are more likely than their peers to begin smoking (American cancer

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