The Dangers Of Smoking Tobacco Smoking Essay

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Youth tobacco smoking has been associated with so many factors. To start with social and physical environments have been associated with this because of the way the mass media shows tobacco smoking as a normal thing and this has promoted tobacco use among the youths. Parental smoking has also contributed because their parents are role models and they always follow their steps. Secondly there are some genetic and biological factors that contribute to this. This occurs where it is more difficult for the youths to quit smoking compared to the adults. Also mothers who develops habits of smoking while they are pregnant they are likely to give birth to offspring’s that become regular smokers. The third reason is peer influence which affects youth tobacco. This influence occurs mostly where there is lack of skills to resist the influence from fellow peers due to fear of being hated and discriminated, lack of involvement from the parents and low self-image or esteem. Recommended tobacco smoking prevention interventions target multiple levels. Effective advocacy is needed to influence factors at individual, social, environmental, and policy levels. This paper describes the rationale for engaging youth in tobacco smoking prevention advocacy efforts targeting environment and policy changes to curb tobacco smoking among the youths. Advocacy involves education, skill development, and behavior and attitude changes, with the goal of persuading others or taking action. Youth advocacy has
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