The Dangers Of Social Media

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Social media is incredibly and increasingly prevalent within America’s modern culture. It is nearly impossible to avoid - television shows often depict characters using social media, large stores and little shops alike post signs with links to follow them on Instagram or Facebook, and even some churches are joining Instagram or Snapchat as a means to publicize their events. For my generation, while we can vaguely remember a time before technology and social media were so widespread, this is normal. For newer generations, imagining a time without the presence of dozens of social media platforms is difficult. Younger generations have had iPhones and iPads handed to them basically since birth, have grown up watching their parents and older siblings become more invested in their phones than in them, and have begun turning away from people and towards machines. Because children are growing up immersed in technology and social media, it can hardly be surprising that they turn to social media for approval and confirmation of their behaviors and lives in general. The dangers in this are youth feeling pressured to portray their lives dishonestly, becoming unknowingly addicted to social media, and fall victim to cyberbullying. The increasing presence of social media began in the early 2000s, approximately around the same time iPods were released in 2001, and later iPhones in 2007. Between 2004 and 2009, cell phone ownership increased by almost 25%, with 66% of children and

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