The Dangers Of Social Media

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Carlos M. Fernandez Cornelius Brownlee Fund. Of Speech September 18, 2015 Dangers of Social Media In the offline world, communities are much more easily managed, and rules enforced. However, in the virtual world that is the internet, rules become arbitrary. It is scary how much we have incorporated social media into our lives, to the point we are almost dependent on it. While social networking sites may have started off as places where we could share thoughts with our peers and communicate with our family, they has since evolved into wild beasts. Privacy has become practically non-existent, security concerns are arising, people are becoming more isolated; these, among many others are the side effect of these so popular social networking sites. But what’s worse is most people can’t see the dangers associated with them, and even those who do are too afraid to be left out. As the internet becomes more populated, monetized, and anonymous, privacy becomes more of a dream than a reality. I was recently shocked by an article titled “ 'We didn 't mean to track you '” that I came across on the Daily Mail. According to author Bates, Facebook admitted that is has been monitoring the sites their users visit. The networking organization claimed that the privacy violation was simply a mistake that would log the sites members accessed while logged in. In fact, Facebook was watching their users’ browsing history even after they logged out, which greatly benefited them in advertising

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